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Submit a Letter to Your Local, or Regional, Newspaper
The Easy Steps

1. Overview We are asking you to send a letter to your local, or regional, newspaper so that the public can learn that there are glaring problems with the official explanations about what happened to the World Trade Center skyscrapers on 9/11.
2. The Letter's Main Point Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth is calling on Patrick Gallagher, Director of NIST to establish a technical conference to “Clear the Air” about WTC 7, to explain its free-fall acceleration, and provide the supporting analysis and computer model inputs that were used in developing their conclusions.
3. Enter Your Zip Code Enter your zip code; then click [Get Papers].  A list of newspapers within the specified distance will then be displayed.
4. Select a Newspaper Select your desired newspaper by clicking on the associated "button."   You can submit this letter to a local newspaper where it has a better chance of getting published, or a regional paper that would reach more readers if it gets published.  Remember, you can submit the letter to multiple newspapers.
5. Review the Letter Read the letter.  If you want to enhance it, use the "Talking Points" on the right as a guide for enhancements.  Be mindful of the length as 350 words is usually the maximum for a Letter to the Editor.  This base letter is 205 words. 
6. Add Your Contact Information Enter your name, address, town, state and contact information (phone and e-mail).  This information is needed because the editorial staff usually calls to confirm that you are, in fact, the author of the letter.
7. Send  Click [Send Message].
8. Share this Event

 After submitting this letter, let others know that they can add their voice to the "call for NIST to answer questions" by submitting a Letter to the Editor.

Step 1 - Select a Recipient


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Step 2 - Write your message