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Dear former A/E students / AE911Truth Supporters,

Thank you for signing the AE911Truth petition as an architecture or engineering student some time ago!  If you have now graduated with at least a four-year degree in architecture or engineering, we would like to upgrade you to our "A/E professionals" category. Then you will be counted among the 2,000+ A/E petition signers that we will be showing on our website in September during our global ReThink911 campaign!  Please send a scanned copy or digital photo of your degree, within the next 3 days if possible, to credentials@ae911truth.org. Be sure to include your current phone number so that we can contact you (per our verification policy – for US residents)

Thank you!  We look forward to including you in the AE911Truth family of patriotic architects and engineers!




Richard Gage, AIA, Architect

& the AE911Truth Verification Team


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