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Dear Fellow Op-ed writing A/E’s,

Thank you again for offering to write an op-ed for submission to the New York Times and other publications in and around New York.

Because we have just launched the fundraising drive for our “New York Times Billboard,” which is scheduled to be installed on November 2 and will put our message in front of the NY Times throughout the month of November, we want to postpone the coordinated submission of op-eds until that time – around the first week of November.

In addition to timing the op-eds with our billboard campaign, postponing the submission will give us more time to work together on your op-ed. Do continue work on your Op-ed, and do send them in. But please be patient with us to respond with suggested edits. We’ll get back with you after a week or so.

Thank you so much your participation!

Sincerely yours,

Richard Gage, AIA

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