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Rethink911.org logo NOVEMBER 18, 2013

Fundraising for Canada Ad Campaign Enters Homestretch  Donate Now for Free DVD Gift:  "Best Worldwide 9/11 TV Coverage"

Dear Supporter,

With $55,000 raised and less than $20,000 to go, the fundraising drive for our Canada December 2013 ad campaign is in the homestretch!

Rethink911 Canada 2013 Campaign Ad Preview

Help us cross the finish line this Wednesday by donating any amount you can. Give $30 or more and you will receive the brand new “Best Worldwide TV Coverage,” a 2-DVD set featuring AE911Truth’s best media breakthroughs from the past several years.

Your generous donation will help to introduce millions of Canadians to the destruction of World Trade Center Building 7, and inform them that 51% of Canadians who see Building 7’s collapse suspect it was a controlled demolition.

Donate today to help us make the next major breakthrough.

Ad Campaign to Be Announced at Wednesday Ottawa Transit Commission Meeting

With your generous support, the ReThink911 campaign will in a position to announce the Toronto-Ottawa December 2013 ad campaign at this Wednesday’s Ottawa Transit Commission meeting, where members of the Commission will vote on whether to initiate a review of the city’s advertising policy in response to our September campaign.

In addition to announcing our campaign, statements from AE911Truth, Bob McIlvaine and 9/11 survivor David Long, will be read. Also, members of the Transit Commission will be contacted by dozens of Canadian ReThink911 supporters the day before the meeting (Canadians, stay tuned for tomorrow’s action alert).

Donate today so that we will have enough funds to announce our Canada December 2013 campaign at Wednesday’s Transit Commission meeting.

Thank you for your generous support!

AE911Truth DVD “Our Best Worldwide TV Coverage”

Receive this free DVD with a donation of $30 or more.

Support this ReThink911 campaign today! Donate
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