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Rethink911.org logo NOVEMBER 19, 2013

Let the Ottawa Transit Commission Know:
Canadians Support Free Speech

Dear Canadian Supporters,

Tomorrow the Ottawa Transit Commission votes on whether to request a review of OC Transpo’s advertising policies in response to our September ad campaign.

Would you please take just 5 minutes to contact the members of the Ottawa Transit Commission and let them know that you, and most Canadians, support free speech? Sending a powerful message to City Hall is an important part of ensuring that our ReThink911 ads attract the most attention possible.

Once you’ve done that, please consider making a donation to the December 2013 Toronto-Ottawa ad campaign if you haven’t already. We will be announcing the December campaign at tomorrow’s Transit Commission meeting. Thank you for your generous support!


1) Copy-paste these email addresses into the address line of your email:

diane.deans@ottawa.ca, shad.qadri@ottawa.ca, stephen.blais@ottawa.ca, rainer.bloess@ottawa.ca, ward9@ottawa.ca, katherine.hobbs@ottawa.ca, tim.tierney@ottawa.ca, marianne.wilkinson@ottawa.ca, blair.crew@ottawa.ca, justin.ferrabee@ottawa.ca, mark.johnson3@ottawa.ca, emily.rahn@ottawa.ca, jim.watson@ottawa.ca

2) Copy-paste this email address into the Bcc line so that we can keep a count of how many emails are sent:


3) Copy-paste this suggested subject line into the subject line of your email, and edit to customize if you would like to:

“Please Do Not Limit Free Speech on OC Transpo”

4) Copy-paste this suggested letter into your email, but feel free to edit it or write your own if you would like to. If you write your own, please keep in mind that some members of the Transit Commission already support us. Therefore, please be respectful. Be sure to insert your name and location at the bottom.

Dear Members of the Ottawa Transit Commission,

I am writing to register my support for the ReThink911 campaign and to object to any proposed changes to OC Transpo’s advertising standards that would make it more difficult for public education campaigns like ReThink911 to exercise the right to free speech guaranteed under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

I am not in the minority for expressing this kind of view. The ReThink911 campaign commissioned a scientific public opinion poll in September that found only 19% of Canadians surveyed thought OC Transpo’s advertising policy should be revised so that ads like ReThink911’s would not be allowed - whereas 54%, a clear majority of those surveyed, thought that OC Transpo’s advertising policy should not be revised.

Furthermore, 51% of those surveyed suspected that World Trade Center Building 7 was brought down by controlled demolition after seeing video footage of Building 7’s collapse, compared to only 18% who suspected the collapse was caused by office fires. The ReThink911 ads may be unsettling or offensive to some, but the notion that they violate standards of community acceptability is clearly wrong. After all, it is the most troublesome historical facts that our society must collectively find the courage to face.

I thank you for your consideration of these points as you decide whether free speech on OC Transpo really needs further limits beyond the reasonable standards that are already in place.


Your Name
City, Province

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