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Rethink911.org logo NOVEMBER 29, 2013

We Did It Again, Thanks to You!

Dear Friends and Supporters of ReThink911,

Metro News Ottawa Article

On Wednesday, November 27 we reached our fundraising goal of $75,000 for the ad campaign about to take flight in Canada. We send our deepest gratitude to all those who stepped up in the past few weeks to make this campaign possible, and to everyone who has helped over the past six months to bring us to this point.

Starting on December 9, 70% of Ottawa residents will see our ads on the backs of buses an average of ten times each throughout December and into the first week of January. Then, during the month of January, 40% of Toronto residents will see the ads an average of ten times each in subway cars and buses. By seeing our ads multiple times, they will learn about the destruction of World Trade Center Building 7 and the fact that 2,000 experts cite evidence for its controlled demolition – and many will be compelled to go and watch the video for themselves.

Not only will they see it on buses and subway cars, they are also likely to see it in the news. Already we have made waves in Ottawa, where the announcement of our campaign was covered by the Metro News, the Ottawa Citizen, and the Ottawa Sun, which even embedded the official ReThink911 video in its article.

Video: ReThink911 at the Ottawa Transit Commission

If you haven’t seen it yet, we invite you to watch the video of last week’s Ottawa Transit Commission meeting where we spoke out against efforts to change Ottawa’s advertising policy in response to our September ad campaign, and we announced the upcoming launch of our new campaign.

Last week we also released our new video, “Building 7: The Story the Times Missed.” Despite a billboard being right in their face, along with receiving numerous letters, VIP Packs, op-ed submissions and phone calls, the NY Times still has not come around to covering the overwhelming evidence of Building 7’s controlled demolition. This action-packed video exposes the abdication of their responsibility to cover this vitally important issue. We encourage you to spread it far and wide.

Video: Building 7: The Story the Times Missed.

The next two months promise to be an important period for ReThink911 and Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth. We look forward to sharing the achievements with you, and we thank you again for your tremendous support. It continues to pay dividends and move our cause closer to victory.

Be on the look out in December for your opportunity to be an important part of the organization that brought you the ReThink911 campaign.


Richard Gage, AIA and the ReThink911 Team

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