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March 13, 2014
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Rethink911 Canada Tour Blasts Off in British Columbia

17 Cities to be confronted with the Hard 9/11 Evidence

NIST’s Final Report on the Collapse of World Trade Center Building 7By Carolyn Clark, British Columbia

Bev Collins, Canadian Radio Talk Show Host and Parliamentary candidate, hosts AE911Truth’s Richard Gage, AIA, tonight, March 13, at the Civic Center in Prince George, BC.  The anticipation and excitement has grown tremendously in Western Canada now that the Rethink911 Canada Tour is underway.

With your help, we may very well also be making history.  As one of Canada’s formidable 9/11 Truth activists, Bev is poised to take the 9/11 Truth Movement into the limelight in Parliament in the next election.  That depends on you, our dear Canadian friends, and how much you want to see an investigation in Canada.  We believe that she may be The One to make this happen – that’s why we started this tour here.  Read on.

We asked several of the tour’s organizers, “Why are the events of 9/11 important to Canadians?”  They were kind enough to take some time out from their hectic preparations for the 17-city whirlwind tour to give us some emphatic answers.
Bev Collins, was the first to get back to us.  See what I mean?! She states:

Karin Brothers, Toronto Event Coordinator, describes how the official 9/11 myth is still being used by some in the Canadian government to institute harsh policies:  “These events continue to be explicitly used to support the ‘War on Terror’, to demonize Muslims, to allow the erosion of our civil liberties and to eliminate the judicial due process that protects all of us.”
Claude Fortin, Event Coordinator in Halifax, speaks of the numbers of Canadians killed in combat as the sea change in Canadian foreign policy which followed 9/11 resulted in increased militarism in the country:  “Between April, 2002 and December, 2011 a total of 158 Canadian soldiers were killed in Afghanistan, and another 635 were wounded in action.  According to the CBC (2011) Canadian government spending on security has increased over 92 billion dollars since 9/11.”

Perhaps no other country outside the US has a greater stake in efforts to challenge the official 9/11 myth, because no other country has changed so fundamentally as a result.  After 9/11, the Anti-Terrorism Act was quickly passed in Canada.  It gave police and officials the right to conduct secret trials and also to detain persons preemptively, as well as giving them other draconian powers.  The Canadian government, unknown to many at the time, began to mesh its surveillance and security operations with those in the US. A number of cooperative security protocols between the two countries were established.
Patriotic Canadians, including our Rethink 9/11 organizers, want to help further the search for truth in order to help their country recover what has been lost since that day. This contributes to the great commitment and dedication that so many feel about their work in preparing for this exciting educational tour, which will be presented to several thousand Canadians directly, and tens of thousands via media interviews. A recent important Canadian video interview was released by Press for Truth’s Dan Dicks who interviewed former BC Premier Bill Vanderzalm, in which Bill stated that it was “…time to have an independent investigation into 911.”
Jaime Sparkes, in Winnipeg, inspired by the tour, immediately stepped up to organize and book venues.  He exclaimed, “I have learned, that there are a lot more supporters than I thought there were. I knew that the support was growing and that more and more people were stepping forward to back the likes of Richard Gage and Ed Asner, but the support that we have had in organizing this tour has been phenomenal. … I think our goal from now on is to reach those people who are hearing it for the first time and are not 9/11 activists, but who are open thinkers. Our goal is to get as many people as we can out to these events across Canada, so that we can keep on growing our support. We are well on our way!”
People will be coming from far and wide.

I have yet another gentleman coming from three hours away. Claude Fortin says people in Halifax are busy getting everything ready and are excited about Gage’s upcoming visit.

We expect that a great many Haligonians will come out to hear the earth-shaking evidence that Richard Gage will be presenting.
In the March 2014 issue of Common Ground, publisher and activist, Joseph Roberts, spoke of the AE911Truth Tour during an interview he conducted with Ed Asner:

JR: “I’m looking forward to the upcoming ReThink911 tour in Canada this month. The keynote speaker is Richard Gage, Founder & CEO of Architects & Engineers for 911Truth, an organization with over 2,000 professionals who demand a real commission of inquiry into 9/11 – an inquiry that is open to all evidence, not just selective evidence and run in a transparent manner.  The ReThink911 tour starts in BC and goes right across the country – ... I’m hoping more and more people will come to understand the official report on 9/11 is incorrect and demand getting down to what is true. If Thomas Paine were alive today, he would want the truth on 9/11 to come out.”
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