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March 25, 2014
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Physics Teacher David Chandler Startles Arizona Students with Hard Science on 9/11


Eugene, OR is Next on His List


Over 150 people packed the lecture hall on Arizona State University’s campus this February, for an important presentation by 9/11 science researcher and physics professor, David Chandler. Thirteen years since the World Trade Center attacks, the ASU 9/11 Studies & Outreach Club held a public conference and gathered record numbers of activists, students and skeptics alike. Audience members were inspired by the way Chandler delivered such sensitive material in a professional manner. 

Attendees in Eugene, Oregon are likely to be equally impressed on March 25 when Chandler travels there to demonstrate how the laws of physics were not suspended, as the official reports of the destruction of all three towers would seem to indicate. Chandler will be presenting at Harris Hall at 7pm.
David Chandler is a retired physics professor best known for his confrontations with NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) over the issue of free-fall of World Trade Center Building 7, which, though not hit by an airplane, also fell on 9/11. His formal requests, along with verbal arguments, ultimately forced NIST to reverse themselves in their final report. In the final version released in 2008, NIST now claims “WTC 7 had undergone 105 feet of absolute free-fall for 2.25 seconds.” Rick Fowlkes, P.E., a structural engineer with 40 years experience, introduced Mr. Chandler and helped the lively Q&A with some boots-on-the-ground answers from the technical building profession.
Preceding the night’s presentation, there was a 9 second moment of silence for all 9/11 victims, heroes, and families, including first-responders, who continue to experience health issues to this day. A short poll of the crowd taken before the lecture revealed that about half of the audience were ASU students,  and that although the room was full, no faculty members from the university were present.

Attendees shared that they were most looking forward to examining the events of 9/11 from a scientific perspective – with real evidence and minimal theories. It is the mission of the ASU 9/11 Outreach Student Club to “sort out the nonsense on the Internet about 9/11 and find any and all truth that exists.  This event is not about theories, conspiracies, or tin foil hats.  It is about seeking truth through science, mathematics, and engineering. And so, if any such truth exists, we would like to give it a voice on our campus."
Chandler utilized a wide array of video footage combined with statistical and graphical analysis to examine the events without bias. Some students, like Sarah Erickson, traveled over 100 miles to take advantage of the rare opportunity to hear an original 9/11 researcher. Sarah, a linguistics major from the University of Arizona, had done some research about 9/11, but was very eager to hear more. “I thought it was interesting to watch Professor Chandler prove to us that the World Trade Center South tower had a constant acceleration of 6.4 m/s/s.” This was roughly 2/3 the acceleration of gravity (9.8 m/s/s) and the constant acceleration is evidence that there was no “jolting” or slowing down as it was crushed.
After Professor Chandler explained that softened steel, were it to cause a collapse, would bring a slower, more gradual breakdown of the top portions of the towers, audience members seemed in shock to again watch the sudden collapses Americans have repeatedly seen on the news. Club member and sociology student, Margaret Felder said, “Between the molten steel found weeks after the attacks, and the way the top part of the South Tower  fell to the side, it seems obvious something is wrong with the official story.”

Following the lecture, around 10 members of the audience came up to the microphone to participate in the question and answer session. A few people raised some insightful discussion with their questions, while others received some clarification on the more advanced topics which Chandler covered.  One man repeatedly wanted him to talk about “something else, other than a plane hitting the towers.” In an effort to stay consistent with the theme for the night, Chandler continually responded with, “I stick to what I can prove and I don’t get into the theories.”
Overall, the audience seemed to leave with a deeper understanding and greater appreciation for the facts about the 9/11 tragedies that directly conflict with the official narrative. The ASU 9/11 Studies & Outreach Club is staying active on both a university and a statewide level. Hosting such a large event over a decade after the attacks, gives both the club and the general 9/11 Truth Movement hope that an honest investigation will soon begin. For now, the club will keep holding public outreach events and build on their momentum as the number of attendees continues to rise.
“We have doubled up our efforts in Eugene,” says host and AE911Truth supporter Virginia Prudell, from Eugene, Oregon, “and expect to also sign up many students and also professionals onto the AE911Truth petition. We want to get folks awakened about the 9/11 public myth which David Chandler will be pulling the rug out from under in the 200-seat Harris Hall.”
Virginia can be reached at vhprudell@msn.com if you need more information. Some really great evidence regarding the destruction of the three World Trade Center high-rises can be found on David Chandler’s website www.911SpeakOut.org

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