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Dear Supporter,

You are receiving this e-mail because our records suggest that you reside in Wisconsin's 8th Congressional District and therefore you may be a constituent of Representative Reid Ribble.

On March 6, 2014 Representative Reid Ribble was a guest on C-SPAN's Washington Journal, which is dedicated to allowing viewers to call in and ask questions. It is not uncommon for a viewer to call in and ask a question about the destruction of World Trade Center Building 7.

Please click on this link to see the question that was asked and the member of Congress' reply.  You can then easily send the correspondence we have developed as well as view additional follow-up steps.    


Thank you for your assistance in helping us get our message out.


Wayne H. Coste, PE
AE911Truth Congressional Outreach Team

PS.  If you  know people that reside in his district, please forward this message to them and ask them to get added to our mailing list at Rethink911.org

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