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April 03, 2014
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Rethink911 Cross-Canada Tour Weathers the Storm

There has been so much to talk about the ReThink911 Canada Tour since we embarked and we know you have been anxiously awaiting updates. While we are busily catching up with Mr. Gage and all the tour activities – we want to give you a quick look at some of the highlights.

Along with her wonderful volunteer staff, Prince George Event Coordinator and Canadian NDP Candidate for Parliament Beverly Collins, starts off the ReThink911 tour with a bang.  She not only decides to run for Parliament again on the 9/11 Truth platform but inspires dozens of other 9/11 activists across Canada to follow suit!

Our 17-city mega-tour kicked off in Prince George, BC with a speech by Parliamentary candidate Bev Collins, so rousing that it moved 3 members of the audience to consider running for Parliament in 2015! But this was just the beginning. As the tour has moved on, it has been met in each city with heart -felt enthusiasm and overwhelming support, and has inspired now more than 45 Canadians to voice a willingness to run for Parliament in 2015 on the platform of 9/11 Truth!

Mr. Gage presents to Canadians the incredible strength of the 100,000 tons of structural steel in the WTC Twin Towers that were completely shattered in under a dozen seconds at near free-fall acceleration.  The implications of the evidence were somewhat devastating to many newcomers to the subject – to which considerable time was spent in some powerful discussions during the Q&A

All are invited to the after-event celebrations along the ReThink911 Tour in order to follow up with further discussion and action planning. Here the Vancouver 9/11 Truth group rallies along with Event Coordinator, James McDonald, and several potential 2015 Parliament Candidates

The Victoria, BC tour stop boasts the largest gathering with more than 150 attendees, at the classy Alex Goulden Performance Hall.  Special thanks to EC Elizabeth Woodworth who also introduced to the crowd the 911 Consensus Panel with its bastion of credible evidence for the 9/11 Truth Movement

And if that's not enough, the customary audience polls taken before and after each presentation have rendered similar stunning results. Of the 1000 plus attendees who have stepped in to hear Richard Gage's 9/11: Blueprint for Truth presentation, regardless of their previous beliefs, not one has stepped out of any of these events still believing the official conspiracy theory – and very few remain “unsure”. Joanne David, event coordinator at the Edmonton event was amazed, remarking that "seeing the audience become persuaded.. is the most rewarding of all," and called it "the awakening."

Long time 9/11 researcher, Kee Dudney, PhD., who personally tested the viability of cell phone calls from airplanes introduces Richard Gage, AIA at the London, Ontario tour stop

By the time the Tour reached Toronto, ON, Jonathan Kay and soul-mate Michael Coren were waiting, crayons in hand. Although Kay did his best to discredit Gage and the movement with his "journalese", his 1500 word diatribe backfired, attracting over 700 comments – mostly supportive of our cause. Curiously, all comments were suddenly disabled when the 23-member academic 9/11 Consensus Panel tried twice to post its peer-reviewed Consensus Points. Coren, meanwhile, posted some craftily edited interviews with Gage, but learning from Kay, made sure that comments were first turned off.

The Halifax 9/11 Truth group grows by a factor of three as a result of the hard work of Claude Fortin, Cal, Charlie, and Wade – bringing 89 brave souls to the event in the inclement Canadian Spring weather

Although The ReThink911 cross-Canada Tour was slated to wrap up in St. Johns, NL, on Tuesday, this last stop was cancelled due to a Spring snow storm, they have pressed on, managing to reschedule for Tonight, keeping Mr. Gage in the northeastern tourist haven of Canada for yet another few days. He promises to make the most of it.

Some down time in one of Canada’s most enchanting cities works out okay for AE911Truth’s founder Richard Gage.  Today’s rescheduled event in St. John’s, NF will mark the final stop in this historic ReThink911 Canada Tour

Persevering through Canada's inclement weather and sometimes harsh political landscapes, ReThink911 proves that it takes more than a blizzard of snow to quell the momentum and energy of this highly successful tour.
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