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May 30, 2014
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Review of

"9/11: The Devil's in the Details"

Written by James McDowell
Are you ready to admit that on September 11, 2001, the laws of physics actually were suspended? That witnesses to the World Trade Center tragedy did not hear countdowns or explosions? That normal office fires did cause steel framed high-rises to collapse suddenly and symmetrically at the speed of gravity into smoldering ruins? That 40,000 cubic yards of concrete were not pulverized into fine dust in 15 seconds? That witnesses did not see flowing molten steel as if they were in a foundry? That the red-gray chips discovered in the WTC dust  were not military-grade thermite?
No? Good, neither are we! But for those occasional dark moments, when pursuit of 9/11 Truth feels a bit like throwing darts at a battleship, we'd like to offer you renewed impetus to hang tough. It's a new short film by Jonathan H. Cole, P.E., called "9/11: The Devil's in the Details." For you "new millennium troublemakers," this eleven-minute analogy to our troubled world offers plenty of reasons to press forward by, ironically, looking backward.
Rewinding 400 years, Cole's film gives us a brief peek at yesterday's heretics — among them, Copernicus, Galileo, Brahe, Kepler, and Bruno — whose intellectual curiosity led them to expose details that challenged the sacred myths of a gullible populace convinced of its supremacy and entrenched in its perceived exceptionalism. Sound familiar?
As a result, these 16th century truth-seekers, who had the temerity to reveal details that questioned the official story of a geocentric universe, earned themselves a litany of subjugations, including excommunications, indefinite detainments, torture, — and, in the case of Bruno, a public burning at the stake. As Voltaire once explained, “It's dangerous to be right, when the government is wrong.”

To add to the plight of these brave heretics, a complacent public, silenced largely by fear, stood mute on the sidelines, permitting the injustices to flourish and the official hocus-pocus of the day to go unchallenged. Providing the occasional dissenting voice were the official Renaissance debunkers — ready and willing to spring into action with expert sophistry whenever particularly troublesome questions threatened to enter public discourse. Does history repeat itself or what?
Beethoven's Piano Concerto No. 5, the Emperor Concerto, underscores Cole's patient, matter-of-fact narration as he makes analogies to today, in a point-by-point comparison. He juxtaposes the careful observations of the motion of the planets to the calculated descent of the three WTC buildings, showing, in the first case, the impossibility of a geocentric universe and, in the second case, the impossibility of a gravitational collapse. He compares Jupiter's moons to round iron spheres found in WTC dust; retrograde motion of planets to the smooth downward motion of the Twin Towers and to Building 7 in free fall; and similarities in elliptical orbits and round orbits to similarities in gravitational collapses, building fires, and controlled demolition.
Showing how questions reveal details and how details are devils to the dogma, Cole sums up his analogy thus: "The study of evidence in motion of the planets is not heresy, it's science. The study of evidence in motion of how buildings fall is not a conspiracy theory, it's science."

Newcomers to the 9/11 Truth Movement, apprentices, and even seasoned veterans, will appreciate the historical perspective of this new film, as it is a great reminder of the illustrious minds that preceded us. And it was because of their unwavering commitment to the "details" that there has been any forward motion at all. In 1992, nearly 400 years after Copernicus, Galileo, Brahe, Kepler, and Bruno figured out we live in a heliocentric world, the Vatican finally woke up. As of this writing, however, 25% of the public believe that the sun revolves around the earth. While this may be an unsettling statistic to some, it's important to remember that not everyone needs to grasp a concept for it to be accepted as scientific fact. And so in those occasional dark moments, there's always a ray of hope — in the larger, reality-based world that revolves around the sun — reminding us we're not alone in our pursuit of truth. In fact, we're in very good company.

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