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August 29, 2014
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Screen “The Anatomy of a Great Deception”

in Your City, Your Library, or Your Living Room!

AE911Truth Volunteers on Hand for Q&A

Download Posters/Flyers Free

This September will see the release of the perfect new tool for 9/11 Truth outreach to friends, family, and co-workers: "The Anatomy of a Great Deception," a deeply moving and informative film that follows one man's personal journey of 9/11 discovery. The result is a fast-paced docu-thriller which has become an effective "red pill."
Now this "red pill" is at your disposal.  Yes, you can screen it at your local library, community or conference center, theater, or right in your own living room.  Hundreds of others are planning on having their own screenings – all around the world.  It's not too late!
Just order the DVD today, download the posters and flyers for free, customize them for your venue, print them locally, post and distribute!

Then coordinate details with your venue, invite all your friends, family, associates, local architects,  engineers, elected representatives, etc.  You might find it helpful to have one of our more experienced volunteers assist you in handling the Q&A portion of your screening following the film – via phone or Skype.  See our Bulletin and Guidelines for Q&A at Screenings if you would like to participate in this program.
You might also find it helpful to set up an EventBright.com account and post your event there, as we did here with our 9/11/14 New York City Premiere of The Anatomy of a Great Deception.
That way you pre-sell tickets online after emailing and posting on Facebook and Twitter an invite to your screening!

Add your AGD screening to the growing list of premieres that are awakening America and the world.  Here are just a few:
Without you, we wouldn't exist. You keep us in this Fight for 9/11 Truth and Justice!
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Order this film to hand to your doubting friends — a film that isn't purely technical, a film that touches hearts.

Order one today!
Watch the energetic two-minute movie trailer here.

Meet filmmaker David Hooper in this two-minute video here.

"When did 9/11 Happen?" This video of street interviews illustrates why you need The Anatomy of a Great Deception.
Detroit MI September 5
New York City September 11
Houston TX September 11
Tempe AZ September 11
Oakland CA September 11
West Hartford CT September 11
Austin TX September 11
Washington DC September 11
McQueeney TX September 13
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