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Calling All Canadians: Time to Contact Your MP
January 22, 2015
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Tell Your MP and the Minister of Public Safety:


Canadians Support a Parliamentary 9/11 Review

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Dear Canadian Supporters,
Next Monday, the House of Commons reconvenes. On that day the government will be required to table its response to the petition submitted on December 3, 2014 requesting a parliamentary review of the omissions and inconsistencies in the 9/11 Commission Report.
Therefore, this week represents a prime opportunity to educate your elected representative about the need for further inquiry into 9/11 and to influence the Minister of Public Safety, Steven Blaney, who is likely to be the minister tasked with responding to the petition.
Would you please take just 10 minutes to contact your Member of Parliament as well as Minister of Public Safety, Steven Blaney?
It couldn’t be any easier, thanks to the email app on the ReThink911 Canada website, which includes a pre-written letter you are welcome to use (although we strongly encourage you to write your own letter, particularly to Steven Blaney, who will receive hundreds of emails. See below for one activist’s personalized letter to Steven Blaney).
Just go to ReThink911.ca and follow the simple instructions. You can find your MP and Steven Blaney (also an MP from Quebec) in the dropdown menu.
We’ll be sure to let you know how many emails are sent. Thank you for taking action!
One Activist’s Letter to Steven Blaney
Dear Steven Blaney,
Thank you for serving our country as MP and Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness.
I reside in Saanich, BC. I am a public servant with BSc and MA degrees and a registered professional. I have a family, and I have volunteered for many community organizations.
I've been meaning to discuss this matter with our elected representatives, but have not mustered the courage. Knowledge of this 9/11 petition prompted me to write you and other MPs.
In your current role as Minister of Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness, as former Minister of Veterans Affairs, and as a civil engineer, this petition falls within your accountabilities and spheres of influence.
You and other MPs may, however, have reservations about supporting this petition, or no interest at all. I, too, was quick to dismiss 9/11 conspiracy theories and truth-seekers. "Right, BS!" I said and thought.
But my worldview was turned upside down two years ago when I watched Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth's video, 9/11: Explosive Evidence — Experts Speak Out, followed by several other credible and well-researched 9/11 documentaries posted online. I've been worried and insecure ever since.
I am deeply distraught by evidence presented by dozens of experts in the aforementioned video who demonstrate the collapse of World Trade Centers 1, 2, and 7 (the latter I did not know about) could not have been caused by jet fuel and office fires and the impact of two planes. WTC 7, 47 stories, was not hit by a plane and neither was WTC 6, whose core "disappeared" yet its 6-storey exterior walls remained standing.
The three fallen WTC buildings are the only steel-framed skyscrapers purported to have collapsed due to fire in all of history — and all three happened in one day! The official 9/11 reports and explanations for the destruction of these three buildings defy the laws of physics.
The only scientific explanation for the near-free-fall collapses of WTC 1, 2, and 7 is the systematic removal of their underlying support structures — i.e., controlled demolition.
The rapid onset, symmetrical, near-free-fall collapses; the upward and lateral ejections of multi-tonne steel sections; mid-air pulverization of 180k tonnes of concrete; pyroclastic-like clouds; the shredding of office equipment and human bodies (e.g., bone fragments found on rooftops several blocks away); hundreds of eyewitness reports of secondary explosions and flashes of light; presence of molten steel (requiring temps of +2800ºF) during and several weeks after the event; and presence of nano-thermite particles in the WTC dust samples + expert corroboration, peer-reviewed research, testimonials, and video evidence = proof of controlled demolitions using explosives or other destructive technology.
On Dec. 3rd, a petition was submitted to our Parliament asking Canada to conduct a parliamentary review of the official United States of America 9/11 Commission Report. This petition was signed by 1,427 Canadians.
The three organizations that held an associated press conference represent the 9/11 victims and their families, thousands of accredited professionals, and the best evidence available regarding 9/11.
There are many other 9/11 truth-seeking groups, several comprised of former US military senior leaders and personnel. Easy to find them on Google, who they are, and their open public statements.
The group that brought the petition forward is not speculating or accusing anyone of orchestrating the WTC demolitions. They want a new investigation of what happened on 9/11, as the official explanations are not plausible.
I appreciate that you are extremely busy and that current national and world events must consume your every day. But by re-examining the events of 9/11, we might be able to prevent future terrorist acts like those that recently happened in Ottawa and Paris and that occur daily in the Middle East.
I request you, your staff, and colleagues set aside disbeliefs and take a detached look at the destruction of WTC through the eyes of thousands of physicists, engineers, architects, and demolition experts. I anticipate you will subsequently rethink 9/11, ask questions, and see the merits of this petition.
On behalf of the 9/11 victims, the hundreds of Canadian citizens and veterans who've been killed or maimed in the war on terror, and their families, please don't dismiss the evidence or this petition or those who've brought them forward.
Thank you for your consideration and attention and for serving our great country.
I will also share this message with other select MPs.
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