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Bon Voyage! Engineers to Speak at Major European Conference
June 13, 2015
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European Society for Engineering Education

Accepts Paper by AE911Truth Petition Signers

Engineers to Present at Annual Conference in Orléans, France, June 29 – July 2

Help Raise $2,000 to Send Them There!

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Great news, friends!

Two weeks from now, Wayne Coste, PE, and Mike Smith, BSEET, will travel to Orléans, France, to present a paper at the 43rd Annual Conference of the European Society for Engineering Education, also known as SEFI.

As part of our commitment to supporting the efforts of our petition signers to publish and present their research, we are raising funds to cover the $2,000 cost (including a €650 registration fee) for Mr. Coste and Mr. Smith to attend the conference. If you can, please make a modest donation to help send them there!
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Their paper, titled The World Trade Center Analyses: Case Study of Ethics, Public Policy and the Engineering Profession, was accepted by SEFI after undergoing careful peer review.

Also co-authored by Robert Korol, Professor Emeritus of Civil Engineering at McMaster University, the paper argues that the integrity of the engineering profession has been undermined by the failure of engineering faculties and professional associations across the globe to critically examine the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) World Trade Center (WTC) reports — and that such institutions must now support a broad-based peer review of those reports.

The European Society for Engineering Education is the largest association of engineering education institutions and educators in Europe, with over 190 institutional members in 47 countries. SEFI’s Annual Conference is one of the premier forums for discussion of engineering education and practice, bringing together hundreds of leading researchers and educators from around the globe.

Our Chance to Interface with Europe’s Best

Not only will Mr. Coste and Mr. Smith have the opportunity to present their paper, they’ll also have four days to discuss the WTC evidence with some of Europe’s brightest engineering minds.

Through their tireless networking, we will accelerate the erosion of resistance to the WTC evidence within the European engineering community. Indeed, we expect Mr. Coste and Mr. Smith will return having brought on board dozens of new petition signers eager to help us further the cause on that side of the Atlantic.

Livestream and Video

We will do our best to bring you a livestream of the presentation, which is scheduled for 9:30 AM Central European time on Wednesday, July 1 (yes, that’s 3:30 AM East Coast time). We will follow up the livestream by posting a video shortly after.

Let’s Show Our Support

Please help us make it easier for Mr. Coste and Mr. Smith to attend the conference by chipping in today. Through our commitment to funding this kind of work, we will encourage them — as well as other researchers — to continue submitting papers and educating their peers wherever opportunities exist.
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Thank you for your support,

The AE911Truth Team
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