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October 01, 2015
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At the 2015 Structural Engineering Summit


Two-Dozen Structural Engineers Sign the Petition

Many Still Don’t Know about WTC 7

Today was AE911Truth’s first day at the 2015 Structural Engineering Summit in Las Vegas.

During the eight hours of the trade show, Richard Gage, AIA, and Las Vegas structural engineer Steven Dusterwald spoke with more than 100 structural engineers from around the country and showed them the video footage of WTC 7’s symmetrical, free-fall destruction. Most had never seen it before and many had never even heard of WTC 7.

While some of the engineers needed more time to review the evidence — and we applaud them for taking the time to study it — roughly half of them quickly recognized WTC 7’s destruction as a controlled demolition and 24 took the courageous step of signing our petition. One cannot help but conclude that the single biggest obstacle to mobilizing the engineering profession to support a new investigation is the basic lack of awareness of WTC 7.

Given this observation, we know that it is possible to awaken architects and engineers everywhere through the straightforward approach of informing them about WTC 7 — but there is much work to be done to reach them all.

If you have a few dollars to spare, please support our outreach in Las Vegas and our future trips to architecture and engineering conferences by making a tax-deductible donation today.


Among our upcoming educational efforts, we will be mailing the Beyond Misinformation booklet to 500 board members of the nation’s 44 state structural engineers associations; many of them are in attendance at the Vegas event. Funds for the mailing have been made available by 100 generous supporters, who helped us raise $1,500 over the last few days. This is just the first of many targeted mailings to come.

We will also be attending ABX 2015 from November 17 to 19 in Boston, where Richard Gage will be speaking at the conference floor learning stage. ABX is the leading building industry event in the Northeast, attracting some 10,000 building professionals each year. And we’ll be attending many more architecture and engineering conferences next year, including the AIA National Convention in May.

Eight-City Southwest Tour Starts this Saturday

Following the 2015 Structural Engineering Summit, Richard Gage will embark on an eight-day, eight-city tour through the great Southwest. On the tour he will be screening AE911Truth’s new film, Firefighters Architects Engineers: Expose 9/11 Myths, and discussing our newly released Beyond Misinformation booklet.

The tour will include the following cities (click on your city for event info):

The 90-minute Firefighters Architects Engineers features a landmark joint presentation by Erik Lawyer, the founder of Firefighters for Truth & Unity, and Richard Gage. Together they dismantle two-dozen myths that comprise the official account of the World Trade Center's destruction.

Beyond Misinformation: What Science Says About the Destruction of World Trade Center Buildings 1, 2, and 7, which will be available for purchase at the events, is AE911Truth’s new 50-page, comprehensive guide to the World Trade Center evidence. Some 40,000 copies have been distributed since its release on September 8, 2015.

If you live close enough, we look forward to seeing you on the tour! If you have questions about any of the screenings, please contact events@AE911Truth.org.


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Thank you, Richard Gage, AIA

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