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November 21, 2015

November 21, 2015

A Special Message to Our Architects and Engineers

Dear Supporter,

A few days from now, we at AE911Truth will be announcing a very important project to the world.

But first I want to share the news with you — one of the 2,384 architects and engineers who are the foundation of our organization – and invite you to play a critical role in this project. Because of your professional background, you more than anyone will understand the significance of what we are trying to accomplish.

Earlier this year, AE911Truth partnered with Dr. J. Leroy Hulsey, an engineering professor at the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF), to undertake a study, using Finite Element Modeling, of World Trade Center Building 7’s collapse. Dr. Hulsey is the chair of UAF’s Civil and Environmental Engineering Department and brings decades of experience in failure analysis and modeling of structures.

In May, Dr. Hulsey and his team of Ph.D. research assistants began a two-year process of virtually reconstructing WTC 7 — using the software programs SAP 2000 and Abaqus — and evaluating the range of possible causes of WTC 7’s collapse. By working in two separate programs, Dr. Hulsey and his team are able to crosscheck the results of the models against one another, thereby ensuring that they are error-free, accurate representations of WTC 7.

With the models now partly developed, Dr. Hulsey and his team have begun to analyze how the building responds to various conditions. Eventually they will examine the fire-based scenario put forward by NIST, which involves the thermal expansion of long-span beams near WTC 7’s column 79.

Based on his analysis, Dr. Hulsey will evaluate the probability of each hypothetical scenario being the cause of the collapse — and rule out scenarios that could not have resulted in collapse. Once the study is completed, Dr. Hulsey will submit his findings to major peer-reviewed engineering journals.

Transparency and Public Participation

Unlike NIST, which has refused to release all of its modeling data based on the untenable excuse that doing so “might jeopardize public safety,” UAF and AE911Truth will make this study completely open and transparent.

Soon, we will begin posting the process on the website WTC7Evaluation.org, where members of the architecture and engineering communities, as well as the general public, can follow and scrutinize the research as it is being conducted.

Today, we’re giving you a sneak peek by inviting you to be the first to watch the official WTC 7 Evaluation Introduction Video. This video will be featured at the top of the forthcoming website WTC7Evaluation.org to introduce visitors to Dr. Hulsey and the goals of the UAF study.


By making the study open and transparent throughout the entire process, we expect it to attract widespread attention from the engineering community and the broader public, while also enabling interested observers to provide input and feedback. To that end, we enthusiastically invite you to register to become a participant in the study. Dr. Hulsey and the review committee vetting his research greatly welcome your help.

This Is a Turning Point

We at AE911Truth believe the UAF study will be a turning point in how the destruction of WTC 7 is viewed — both within the engineering community and by the general public.

Not only will the UAF study add credible, cutting-edge research to the existing body of evidence and analysis regarding the destruction of WTC 7, it will also generate an unprecedented level of awareness and willingness to look seriously at how this building was destroyed.

Already we are seeing that happen. In the past month, two local groups have invited Dr. Hulsey to speak about his work. A month ago he gave a presentation to UAF’s student chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers, and two weeks ago he presented to the Associated General Contractors of Alaska. All of Dr. Hulsey’s presentations will be posted at WTC7Evaluation.org.

This is just the beginning of the vast amount of attention the UAF study will receive from engineers, academics, and the public during the next 18 months and beyond.

Let Us Come Together to Support this Study

For several years, many stakeholders in the AE911Truth community have advocated for detailed computer modeling as a necessary step toward decisively refuting NIST’s flawed explanation of the World Trade Center destruction. Now it is underway.

In Dr. Hulsey and UAF, we have a partner with the expertise and tools that are required to model a structure as complex as WTC 7 to the highest professional standard. Even more importantly, Dr. Hulsey and his team’s commitment to an unbiased scientific process is absolute.

In many ways, this is the first phase of the independent investigation that you and I have been demanding for years. Now, instead of asking for it, we are making it happen.

Because this one-of-a-kind opportunity has the potential to be a turning point in the path toward accomplishing our mission, we are asking you to support it now. Our two-year, $214,000 contract with UAF is already partially funded, but we need the help of our 2,384 A/E petition signers — and after that the larger AE911Truth community — in order to fund it fully.

We ask you to be an integral part of this journey by becoming a sustaining supporter of the study until it is completed in April 2017 (with just 18 affordable monthly contributions) or by making a very generous one-time donation today. Together, you and our more than 2,300 other architects and engineers will be supporting the first-ever independent, transparent, and truly scientific Finite Element Modeling of WTC 7.

Because I believe so much in the UAF study, I’m starting with my own one-time donation of $500 and becoming a monthly sustaining supporter at the $25/month level. I welcome you to do both as well!

I hope you will join me at the giving level that is right for you. Together we can harness our collective power to fund AE911Truth’s most important project ever. It’s a step we must take if we are to attain our goal of bringing about a truly independent World Trade Center investigation. For the sake of our country and of our world, we cannot afford to fail in this mission.

I look forward to joining forces with you,


Richard Gage, AIA


Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth

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