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First the UK, then the AIA… Here We Come!
April 25, 2016
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UK Fire Safety Presentations, AIA Convention to Land Us at
3,000 Architects & Engineers


Help Raise the Final $4K for Our AIA Resolution Campaign!


Dear friends,


The next month is going to be a very productive time for AE911Truth.
Next week I’m going to the UK with Dr. Niels Harrit to speak with hundreds of fire professionals. Then it’s off to the AIA National Convention, where we’ll be advocating for the passage of Resolution 16-3.

With more than 300 pending A/E petition signers yet to be verified, these two trips will boost us to well over 500 on the docket. If we can verify all of them in time, we’ll have over 3,000 architects and engineers by the fifteenth anniversary of 9/11.

Wednesday the Deadline to Donate and Receive a Souvenir AIA Brochure

We’re now in the final stretch of fundraising for our biggest professional outreach effort of the year. Thank you so much to everyone who has chipped in so far!
Please help us raise the final $4K of our $20K campaign budget with a $20+ donation by this Wednesday — and we’ll send you our 2016 AIA Brochure as a souvenir (check out the brochure).

The deadline for the brochure is this Wednesday because that’s when we’re giving the mailing list (which will include your address) to the printer. Plus, we hope to reach our goal by then because we really need the funds to pay the rest of our campaign expenses — including the handsome booth pictured above!

Next Week’s Visit to the UK

Before heading to the AIA Convention to educate thousands of architects, Dr. Niels Harrit and I will be educating hundreds of fire professionals in the UK.
On Tuesday, May 3, we’ll be speaking at the Eastern Branch of the Institution of Fire Engineers in Essex. Then, on Wednesday, May 4, we’ll be speaking to the Institute of Fire Prevention Officers and the Fire Sector Federation in London. We are honored and delighted that these prestigious professional associations have invited us.
We will then be speaking in London on Saturday, May 7, at the Bloomsbury Conference, which is a four-hour event open to the public. The gathering will conclude with a screening of the one-hour version of Firefighters Architects Engineers: Expose 9/11 Myths. More info here.
We are ever grateful for your generous support and your belief in us. Make no mistake: Together we are turning the tide.
In humble gratitude,
Richard Gage, AIA


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