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Sep 05, 2016
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Billboard Going Up Tomorrow!

Help Raise the Final $2,000 Today

Great news, Supporter!

In just three days, we’ve raised $7,000 of the $9,000 needed to pay for our 2016 New York Times Billboard & Mail Campaign — thanks to hundreds of you who’ve chipped in to make it possible!

This means the billboard is now a lock, but we need your help to cover the entire cost. Help us cross the finish line today, and together we’ll send The New York Times our most powerful message to date.

That message is to take a look at the very evidence that’s been sitting on their website for the past 11 years: the FDNY oral histories that the newspaper sued the City of New York to obtain — which include a staggering 118 eyewitness accounts of explosions.

A One-Two Punch

This provocative billboard is just the first step. As soon as it’s up, our plan is to mail a photo of it, plus excerpts from all 118 oral histories, using our brand new article template, to hundreds of recipients including:
  • 500 New York Times editors and reporters;

  • The FDNY’s 200 firehouses;

  • New York City’s 51 council members;

  • And — while we’re at it — the board members of the New York ASCE chapter and the Structural Engineers Association of New York.

And let’s not forget, the billboard will be seen by a whopping 100,000 passersby each day throughout September!

Help Raise the Final $2K Today

With the 15th anniversary of 9/11 upon us, now is the time to show “the newspaper of record” that we’re not going away until they fulfill their duty to really investigate 9/11.

Please help us raise the final $2,000 today, and together we’ll do just that.


The AE911Truth Team
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